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Many are searching for answers to universal questions like:

Who am I?
What is my purpose here?
How can I give my life meaning?
Why is life often such a struggle?

It is my belief that we can discover the answers to these questions as we begin to explore our own spirituality. We need to seek to nurture our relationship with Ourselves, Others , and The Divine. As we discover a deep and authentic spirituality in community, our lives are given meaning and we can begin to realise our potential and our purpose.

This site is intended to be a Collaborative Community where we may safely explore Spirituality. It makes use of the principles of OpenSource (of course!) software to allow everyone to participate as fully as possible. It is my express intention that nothing on this site is copyrighted but is made freely available to be adapted.

The key to the effectiveness of OpenSource lies in sharing. If you find something useful or if you adapt something please share it with the rest of the (open) community.

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