Experiencing Quiet

All around you

It is important that we take time out from our business to spend a bit of quality time with God. It is not only important for our relationship with God, but also for our own sanity. If you love someone, you want to be with them all the time, but sometimes just being with them is not enough, we need to create special, 'romantic' moments together. It is during these one on one moments that we relax, and learn about the person we're with. It is equally important to make special times for God then, where we can just sit quietly with Him, speaking to Him, telling Him how we are feeling, listening to Him, getting closer to him, really getting to know Him. So, find somewhere where you can be alone with God. For this time it may be better if you find somewhere outdoors. Settle down, try to relax in God's presence, spend some time in prayer asking God to speak to you. Now open your bible and read:

Psalm 8

Look around you, at the creation that God has made. Out here there is less that people have damaged, more of the perfection that God originally made. Look at it all, the grass, how perfectly it was made, the sky, just spend some time looking around at that which God has made. Now think about the Psalm you've just read, particularly verses 3-8, you may want to read them again. Isn't God great, that out of all that He created, He chose to put us in charge of it all. As well as making you aware of how great God is that He could make all this as perfectly as He did, it should make us more aware of our duty to look after it. Perhaps we haven't done such a good job so far. Spend some time thinking about Psalm 8, and all that you see around you. End off in prayer, thanking God for giving us such a privilege, and praying for the strength to honour Him by looking after that which He has created for us.