The True Last Supper

An endless set of footprints
stretching into the horizon,
rising into the air,
disappearing on the clouds.

A small group of men
seated around the soft glow
of a charcoal fire,
roasting fish, thinking,
watching the footprints
of a man as they disappear.

They sit there thinking
about those words;

" Take of these fish and
feed thy brethren.
Take of my word
and tell it among
the nations of all the world,
and preach the forgiveness of sins."

They watch the footprints
circling in all directions,
like the spokes of an immense wheel,
blowing away out of the sand,
in the winds of morn,
to all corners of the earth,
and it was a new day.

They rise and go out,
to bring glory to a man
who did so much
for so many undeserving people.
To a man who died
to save the lives of mankind.
They go out to bring glory to a hero.