Remembering my Life

Spend a few moments preparing yourself for the exercise. Try and slow yourself down so that you can think more clearly and carefully.

Become aware of your breathing, concentrate on slowing it down, let it become more gentle and deep seated, from lower down. Let each breath in become the inbreathing of the Holy Spirit, feel the Spirit of God fill you, every part of you, as you breathe in. Feel the Spirit cleanse you as you are filled. Feel God's power fill you. Let each breath out, be the breathing out of God's love and peace which fills the air around you.

God is present with you.

Pray that the Lord enlightens you to see what the Spirit wants you to see, so that you become neither judgmental nor critical but simply open to God, allowing Him to work in your life. Without His light you could all too easily poke around within yourself in such a way that scabs are knocked off wounds that would heal very well if left alone. Pray that God will heal your wounds and comfort any pain.

Now that God is in control, begin to look back at your life:

  1. Pick out specific areas of change.

  2. Who influenced your life the most?

  3. What influenced your life the most?

  4. Is there any one element that has remained constant in your life?
    Spend a few moments thinking about this.

  5. Can you remember any times or incidents in your life where you experienced hurt and pain, both physical and mental?
    Spend some time thinking carefully about this, it is very difficult to dredge up past hurts, we don't want to remember the bad times, but remember God is present with you and you are filled with His power, He will allow you only to face that which He wants you to deal with. On the other hand, don't spend too much time trying to analyse the situation or your response to it.
    As you recall specific or general times of hurt and pain in your life, picture yourself handing these things over to God. Even though you may be ashamed or feel guilty, give it to God. Picture God taking these things to the foot of a cross on which the body of His son hangs.
    Picture God placing it on the ground and as He places it there a drop of blood mixed with water falls from Jesus' pierced side onto your hurt and your hurt and pain is instantly dissolved.
    Carry on with this exercise until you have given God all the bad experiences in your life that you can recall.

  6. Now try and remember times in your life when you were scared. What are your fears? What makes you angry? What makes you sad?
    Give these things to God as well, allow Him to take these to the foot of the Cross.

  7. Now look back at the Highlights of your life. What were the best times of your life? What made you feel good about yourself, life, the world?
    Spend a while just thinking about all the good in your life.

Now picture the cross again only this time it is empty. There is light everywhere and Christ stands below the cross - HE IS ALIVE.

He looks directly at you. Hear him saying to you "I LOVE YOU! AND I FORGIVE YOU! I GRANT YOU FREEDOM FROM YOUR PAST HURTS AND PAINS".

There is resurrection after the pain.

You may want to respond to God now in prayer. If you feel you can't respond in words, that is alright. God knows your thoughts and your feelings. He loves you, He has made you what you are and has set you free to be your true self, the person He intends for you to be.