A Non-apology

The resources that I have provided here are essentially "Christian". Scott Peck tells of an author who once apologised for his "Christian bias". Like Scott Peck I make no such apology. To quote Peck:

I would hardly have committed myself to something I regarded as a bias. Nor do I desire to disguise my Christian outlook. In fact, I couldn't. My commitment to Christianity is the most important thing in my life and is, I hope, pervasive and total.

But I am concerned that this outlook will, when most apparent, unnecessarily bias some readers. So I ask you to be careful in this respect also. Great evil has been committed throughout the centuries - and is still being committed - by nominal Christians" (and I believe also by narrow- minded Christians), "often in the name of Christ. The visible Christian Church is necessary, even saving, but obviously faulty, and I do apologise for its sins as well as my own.

Crusades and inquisitions have nothing to do with Christ. War, torture, and persecution have nothing to do with Christ. Arrogance and revenge have nothing to do with Christ. When he gave his one recorded sermon, the first words out of Jesus' mouth were, "Blessed are the poor in spirit." Not the arrogant. And as he was dying he asked that his murderers be forgiven.

I feel compelled to make another "nonapology". Many readers are likely to be concerned about my use of masculine pronouns in relation to God. I think I both understand and appreciate their concern. It is a matter to which I have given much thought. I have generally been a strong supporter of the women's movement and action that is reasonable to combat sexist language. But first of all, God is not neuter. He is exploding with life and love - even sexuality of a sort. So "It" is not appropriate. Certainly I consider God androgynous. He is as gentle and tender and nurturing and maternal as any women could ever be ... While He nurtures us, He also desires to penetrate us, and while we more often than not flee from His love like a reluctant virgin, He chases after us with a vigour in the hunt that we most typically associated with males ... Moreover, whatever our gender or conscious theology, it is our duty - our obligation - in response to His love to attempt to give birth, like Mary, to Christ in ourselves and in others.

(My apologies to Scott Peck, but he is a better writer than I could ever wish to be, and he expressed my own beliefs and feelings better than I could have myself - my gratitude to him for all that he has taught me).

I have the deepest respect and love for all people no matter what their religious persuasion, gender, colour, etc. I wish only to share God's love with all. I also regret the negative image that has become associated with Christianity due to the narrow-mindedness of many Christians. We have made many mistakes, and we have often mis-represented Christianity. Often, we have also made the form of our Christianity into a god - and so doing - we have lost credibility and relevance in the world. It is my hope that the following pages can heal some of the damage that has been done.

I hope too, that it will change your life as you begin to realise your full potential as a uniquely created being, loved by God.

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