Sleep, is a most precious gift given to us by God in order that we may become refreshed both physically and spiritually, but only, properly, when we become receptive to the all- pervading power of God.

So, before or as you go to sleep, practice this exercise in order to find relaxation in God in order that you may gain renewal and vitality from Him as you sleep in His presence.

Stretch yourself out on your back, concentrate your weight on the nerve plexus at the back of the waist. Then relax your muscles, this may not be easy so do it slowly:

Loosen your finger muscles and spread out your hand, make your whole arm relax, you may need to tense it up first in order to relax it.

Repeat this process with your toes and feet.

Next you will need to relax your face muscles. This may be harder, a good way is to force yourself to smile; smiling has a way of automatically relaxing the muscles.

Once your hands, arms, feet, legs and facial muscles are relaxed, this may mean repeating the above process, you are ready to move on.

Begin to listen to your own breathing, notice how regular it has become, it may become slower as you listen, listen to its characteristics.

You should discover at this point that your nerves have begun to recover their natural tone, they should no longer be over-stimulated. Your tiredness should have been transformed into deep restfulness.

Now you can say to yourself, not in words, but in your mind, "with every breath I draw, I am breathing in the very breath of God". Go to sleep with this in mind and be filled with the peace of God in order that He may renew your vitality.