Today we are simply going to experience God in the quiet, and in creation, and give thanks for all that He has done for us.

Sometimes we take the way that God has created us for granted. We use our senses so automatically, that we don't even think about how special they are. Today go for a walk. Begin firstly by praying for a special awareness of God...

Then as you begin your walk take a deep breath, reflect on how we take for granted that the air we breathe is the sustainer of life, day and night it's there given to us by God to keep us alive...

When you have walked far enough away so as to be out of earshot of the others pause for a while and use each of your senses, reflect on all that they have contributed to your life, how they have enriched it, how they have enabled you to experience everything that you have experienced, what they have given you. Try to think how different your life would have been if you didn't have them. Recognise in all these reflections the loving gift of God, and express to Him your thanksgiving and praise.

Really look at everything, carefully. Use this gift to it's full potential.

Listen carefully to all the sounds of nature around you. Think of all the joy your ability to hear has brought you.

Feel the texture of the grass, the bark of trees, and all the other things around you. Think of all you can do with your hands

If you don't have anything to eat, think about all that you have tasted. Think of the pleasure this gift brings you.

"Stop and smell the flowers", we're often to busy to do that. Now's your chance. Thank God for the joy that this gift can bring you.