Daily Devotions based on the daily Psalm readings for Advent 2003

From pilgrims traveling yearly to the holy city of Jerusalem to scraps of paper passed from hand to hand in the horror of the Holocaust, the Psalms have been sung, memorized, chanted, remembered. It was the custom for a number of years in Reformed and Presbyterian churches to sing the psalms in worship. Countless generations of children grew up in church memorizing the psalms.

Today, fewer and fewer hymnals have settings for the psalms; young people know the lyrics to the latest rap and hip hop, but probably donít know a single psalm; more and more churches have even stopped reading the psalms even in worship.

Yet the Psalms are perhaps the most important writings in all of Scripture. Using evocative language to speak of God and the human condition, the psalms assure, affirm, and console us; they also challenge, confront and confound us. Some of the language seems ancient and dated, yet the insights into human emotions and responses are timeless.

We live in a culture which does everything it can to cover up the pain, the suffering, the darkness of our world and our lives. The psalms confront these areas of life, and lead us to discover that it is in the pain, the suffering, the darkness that new life is given - on Christmas Day, on the third day, on the last day.

You are invited to read the psalm listed for each day, the brief meditation, and then use the prayer offered or one of your own.

This Advent, read the psalms and discover their power, their poetry, their prayers for your life.

© 2003 Thom M. Shuman


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