Christmas Eve

Psalm 114

In the gospel narratives of the birth of Jesus, there is no mention of the reaction of nature to this remarkable birth. No account of the river Jordan flowing backwards; no indication of any seismic activity up on Mt. Zion or any other high place; no description of the Mediterranean Sea "fleeing" from the coastline its waves have been battering for eons.

But the songwriter believes there should be some sort of natural disruption. . . Some sort of chaotic disturbance in the well-ordered universe we know . . .some sort of reaction to God's dramatic action in making the divine presence all-too-human in Jesus.

And why?

Because the One who is being born will disrupt all of creation with amazing miracles;
the One being born will disturb the well-ordered notions
  of the religious establishment;
the One being born will turn rocks into water fountains and
  mineral deposits into swimming pools;
the One being born will turn ordinary bread into life-giving
the One being born will push us under the waters of the Jordan
  and drag us up into new life!

Tremble indeed, O earth!


Tonight, we wait and dream (and maybe tremble), Giving God, for you come to disrupt our lives with the baby being born. Be with us in these hours. Amen.

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