First Sunday of Advent

Psalm 150

We begin this series about the Songs of Advent at the end—the very last Psalm. After 149 songs of praise and penitence, of lament and loud Alleluias, of prayers for leaders and against enemies - the Book of Psalms ends with a Doxology, a call to all of us - and all of creation - to praise God.

We are exhorted to praise God with all that we have at our disposal: from stringed instruments to blaring horns, from melodious voices to tapping feet, and more. Because the Book of Psalms is the collection of songs about the whole human condition, not just the “good” parts of life, we know we can praise God with all that we are:

YES! All of us, every single one of us - you are invited to praise the Lord!


Praise, sometimes faint, sometimes faltering, always faithful is lifted to you, God who has done great things. Prayers, sometimes hesitant, sometimes halting, always hopeful, are lifted to you, God who will do marvelous things. Help us to make praise and prayers as much parts of this waiting time as parties and presents, we pray. Amen.


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