Fourth Sunday of Advent

Psalm 24

In countless books, movies, and TV shows, "The Company" is that mythical government entity (usually the CIA) that operates in great secrecy. This group of people are willing to subvert justice, breaking the law, violating the Constitution, lying to Congress and the President; in other words, using any means at its disposal to achieve some dark end.

Psalm 24 talks about a different group of people who also might be known as "The Company." This is the company of the faithful: people like us, who seek their God out in the open; people, like us, who honor God's word in all things; people, like us, who work to bring justice to the oppressed and marginalized; people, like us, who do everything in their power to do God's will; people, like us, who tell the truth (in love) to all God's children.

It is this Company who, in Advent times of joy and gladness as well as Advent times of shadow and uncertainty, wait for God to come to them; and to receive the Coming One into their hearts.


There are many places we could be in this season, O God. We would pray to be found in the company of the faithful. Amen.

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