Psalm 102

One of the reasons we offer the Longest Night Service (Sunday, December 21 at 7:00 p.m.) is out of the awareness that for some of our neighbors, for some of our friends, for some of us, this is most assuredly not the season of joy and celebration. The days leading up to "the most wonderful time of the year" are days filled with pain, with aching loneliness, with unbearable loss.

Psalm 102 is a song for, if not by, folks like us. It is written by one whose heart has withered from the drought of despair, by one who is as alone as the bird unable to fly south for the winter, by one whose tears fall silently into a cup of Christmas cheer at the office party.

It is not easy to admit that those around us find this to be a difficult season. It is even harder to admit that we find this to be a wearisome time of year. But like the poet, Jane Kenyon, wrote, we know that

"Searching for God is the first thing and the last, But in between such trouble, and such pain."


Look down and hear us, God. Look down and see our tears, and hear own grief. Then, come to us to be with us, to cradle us, to weep with us. Amen.

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