Friday 3

Psalm 16

The writers of the psalms often express a faith that we might often wish we had. In the midst of terrible pain, unbearable loss, 'enemies' (often those once considered to be friends) all around, worries about the future - no matter the circumstance, the psalmists express a deep and abiding trust in God. Today's psalm is a good example. Like many of that generation, the writer could have chosen other gods. Instead, the God who is a refuge, who holds the writer like a mother holds a child, who shows the path to joy, to life, to pleasure is chosen.

And like any choice, the psalmist cannot tell us how to do it, but can only tell us of what the choice has meant to her. Like many in this marvelous collection, Psalm 16 cannot give us faith, it can only offer us faith. It can offer us the choice to trust in a God who, yes, is often hidden;

a faith that is confident that God has a new way of life to teach us; a faith that, despite all the evidence to the contrary, not only believes that God can, but that God will act - in the lives of individuals, through communities of faith, in the affairs of nations and rulers, throughout all of human history.

What a marvelous gift this choice is . . . Will we receive it this year?


Of all the choices we face during this season,
choosing to receive the gift of faith may be the most
important one we make. Help us to be wise in
our choosing, O God.

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