Monday 1:

Psalm 40

Watch . . .

Watch the people standing in lines: some are tapping their feet, wondering how much longer it will take to purchase their gifts; some are shuffling along, weighted down with the trappings and wrappings of the season; some are muttering under their breath.

Now wait . . .while you are standing in line: wait for the One who sets your on the solid rock of grace; wait for the One who places you on the path of patience; wait for the One who turns your muttered breaths into new songs of hope and comfort.

Wait . . . and listen to the One who opens our ears: to the carols children sing in the bathtub; to an angel asking you to be a bearer of Godís love; to the memories of a lonely neighbor; to the joy bubbling in your heart.

Listen . . . And see the One who can no longer wait to be with you.


Open our hearts, open our eyes, open our ears to your presence in and around us, O Lord our God. Amen.


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