Monday 3

Psalm 145

In the Hebrew in which it was originally written, this song is an acrostic poem - each verse begins with a succeeding letter of the alphabet (i.e., verse 1: A; verse 2: B, etc.). We are not able to duplicate the effect in English translations, but you can imagine the challenge the writer faced!

And the writer offers us a challenge as well. Bracketed by verses which are personal words of praise and worship to God, the psalmist speaks about what God has done in the world, about God's love and compassion for all, about God's kingdom that is all around us, about the One who hears and lifts up and watches. In fact, the writer is so filled with God, that praise has to be lifted up every day.

Are you able to see glimpses of God's presence in the world today? Why not spend some time today or tomorrow looking for those signs that reveal to us that God's kingdom is, indeed, all around us.

Maybe you will see God's faithfulness in the teacher who spends extra time with your child;

Perhaps God's love will be demonstrated by a stranger who lets you pay for your purchases first;

God's justice just might be revealed in a child who asks to give a present to a struggling classmate;

You might be God's ears as a neighbor shares her loneliness with you.

If we open our eyes to see what God is doing, we just might be surprised and, like the psalmist, spend some time praising God!


We would live in your kingdom, Faithful God, but we are not sure where it is or what it looks like. Turn our eyes away from the glitter and glamour of "Christmas" so we can see the Christ who is showing us the way. Amen.

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