Monday 4

Psalm 67

If Jesus came for all people,
  and not just an elect few;
if Jesus' words have to power to transform everyone's life,
  and not just some backsliders;
if God's kingdom is open to all people;
  and not just those who can purchase homes there;
if God's blessings bring a flowing river
  that ends the drought in the emptiness of all people's lives;

then this Psalm is truly an Advent hymn. For the psalmist has a radical, inclusive vision of that time when all the earth will respond to God;

when God's way may be rediscovered;
when God's saving power will touch all;
when all will worship God together.


We wait, no, we long for this day, Singing God, when all people and all creation will worship you in joy and praise. Amen.

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