Second Sunday of Advent

Psalm 25

In a culture that demands we beat a path to the malls at this time of year, how can we find the way to Bethlehem? A web site like MapsRUs might tell us how to get from point A to point B, but we know that it is not going to be that simple. Getting the Christmas cards/letters out on time could detour us from reading what God has to say to us; the demand of finding just the right present for Aunt Sarah might cause us to overlook the Gift we have been longing for; making sure the house is clean and the guest room is ready for Grandpa and Nana may just keep us from preparing a place for the Holy Family in our hearts.

Maybe the psalmist is right.

Maybe, just maybe, it is in the waiting for God, not in the wandering from store to store, that we find our way.

Maybe, just maybe, it is in the friendship of the Lord, not in the frenzy of the crowds, that we find the One who leads us to the manger.

Maybe, just maybe, it is in the blessings of God's steadfast love and faithfulness (this is what the psalmist means by 'prosperity' in verse 13), not in the pile of stuff under the tree,
  that we find what we have been searching for all our lives.


Maybe, just maybe, God of Advent, this year will be different. Maybe, just maybe, we will let you lead us to Bethlehem. Amen.

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