Third Sunday of Advent

Psalm 110

Tradition has it that David wrote this psalm in honor of the Messiah (who would be his heir). Early Christians accepted this tradition which may be why it is quoted 1/2 dozen times or so in the New Testament. Yet, when we read this song, we feel more than a little uncomfortable. After all, shatters, executes, corpses - these are not the words we find printed on our Christmas cards or in the carols we sing, are they?

Yet, don't they describe what Jesus did do here on earth? Didn't he:

No wonder the author of Ephesians (2:11-22) would speak about Christ as the One who shattered the barriers which exist between us; as the One who breaks down (or 'executes') the hostility between human beings; as the One who takes the 'corpses' of the world (aliens and strangers) and makes us members of the household of God.

Maybe David knew what he was writing about all those thousands of years ago!


Shatter our frozen hearts with Bethlehem love, David's God. Let all our fears and worries die, that your hope and future might live within us. Break down the barriers we have built that we might welcome you into our hearts. Amen.

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