Thursday 1:

Psalm 62

Noise is the norm in our lives.

The television is in constant monologue with us. Our kids crank up the CD with the latest from Nelly or Britney. The computer ‘dings’ the announcement of another e-mail. The cell phone rings, chimes, chirps, tunes, or vibrates another interruption in our already harried day.

And we rarely notice the noise . . .
Until someone turns it off!!!

The writer of this song of confidence challenges us to wait in silence for God, and our immediate response is, “Right! When? Where? How?”

Well, why not right now?

Wherever you are, turn off the noise - the machines, the kids, the spouse, the stress; turn off the questions of when and where and how; turn off the fears of what silence might do to (or for) you

    and just wait

       in silence

          10 seconds, 30, a minute or more

       just wait

    for God.


Silence is not normal for us, O God, yet it is in this unknown territory that we find you waiting - for us, to speak to us, to be with us. Help us to wait, as well, for you in silence. Amen.


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