Thursday 2

Psalm 18:1-20

One of the great weaknesses in modern liturgy and prayer is the poverty of God-language. Most of the time when God is spoken of or prayed to in worship, it is with words like "O God" or simply "God." While it is true that human language can never speak adequately about God, we can speak more figuratively, more metaphorically, more creatively about God. And we don't have to start from scratch!

The Book of Psalms provides us with a rich and diverse vocabulary to use in speaking of God. One good exercise is to go through all 150 Psalms and write down every descriptive word used for God - you will have quite a diverse and marvelous list!

Take the psalm you just read.

The writer begins by talking about her love for God: "I love you, O LORD, my stronghold." God is then described as the psalmist's rock, fortress, deliverer. Rich imagery, yet using every day language.

Are you in love with God?

Take a moment and think what words you might use to fill in the blanks:

I love you, O LORD, my _____________, my _____________ the LORD is my ________________, my _______________

And now, in silence, pray to the God you love so much!

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