Tuesday 1:

Psalm 146

There are those moments when we look at our children, especially when they are little, and think to ourselves that they should never grow up. They are so cute, so innocent, so precious as infants or toddlers, that we wish that would remain an infant or toddler forever.

One of the dangers of Advent is we treat the Child of Christmas - Jesus, meek and mild - as one who never has grown up.

But the psalmist tells us that the One who is born in Bethlehem comes, not to make us feel good, but to do good! When Jesus grows up, as he does, he will feed the hungry, not his ego; he will give sight to the blind, not want people to look at him; he will take the burden off people’s backs, rather than add to their stress and misery; he will set the prisoners free, not shackle them with guilt; he will give his heart to those who are alone and afraid, not break their hearts with a callous attitude.

With such a One being born in our midst, we should pray that he grow up fast!!!


Help us to grow up, Gifting God, and to see Jesus as the One who will transform us by his tenacious grace, his unfailing mercy, his never-ending kindness. Amen.


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