Tuesday 2

Psalm 33

In the birthing Spring, with new plants springing up and birds singing us awake, we have evidence of God's love in creation.

In the shade of summer, with stars shooting across the sky and breezes whispering through the trees, we have evidence of God's love in creation.

In the crispness of fall, with leaves skipping across our lawns and the moon an orange glow in the night sky, we have evidence of God's love in creation.

But what about in the bleak midwinter? When the grass is buried under snow, when the birdbath is frozen solid, when naked trees stand as silent sentinels across the winter horizon, do we see evidence of God's love - of God's steadfast love! - around us?

The songwriter tells us that in every season, God looks down from heaven and watches over all of us. And because God loves righteousness and justice, God's steadfast love, God's steadfast justice, God's steadfast watchfulness are always with us. And, for the psalmist, it is not a question of whether or not God is around us, it is whether or not we see God around us!

How? Take a look . . .

at the child, with tongue sticking out of the corner of her mouth, laboring over a handmade card for Grandma and Grandpa;

at the neighbor who, before anyone else is about, shovels the sidewalks clear of the night's snow;

at the family that helps to serve a dinner to the homeless before they go home to start their own.

Every day, every season, every moment, God's love is shown in creation and in the created.

Prayer: Open our eyes, Steadfast God, open our eyes. Amen.

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