Tuesday 3

Psalm 85

We remember when this was the best time of year; when we couldn't wait to get the box of Christmas stuff out of storage and start decorating the house. We planned a special trip to get a live tree, we bustled around the kitchen making sugar cookies, we had Christmas music blaring all day long.

But now, it is the middle of December and most of us are already beat, worn to a frazzle. The cards, the gifts, the parties, the worry - we are ready to climb back into bed and pull the covers up over us until Christmas is over, thank you very much! We need some new energy, we need some revitalization, we need to be restored!

And so, like the psalmist, we wonder if God can, if God will, restore us. Will God revive us, not in the sense of a hot-August-night, big tent, hellfire-and-brimstone revival, but will God bring us back to life.

Will God restore our senses that have been pummeled by the songs of commercialism?

Will God restore our hearts that have been hardened by too many appeals?

Will God speak peace to folks whose lives are hurried and harried by the stresses of the season?

Will God give goodness to us - perhaps the simple gift we need in the complexity of our lives?


Restore us again, Saving God. In you, all the good we hope for meets; in you, all that we desire is held; in you, all that we need is found; in you, all that we deserve is taken away. Restore us again, Saving God. Amen.

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