Wednesday 2

Psalm 50

What a marvelous song to sing during this Advent season! For it is a song that reminds us that if our faith has no place for the well-being of all of God's children, then the psalms want nothing to do with us.

While this psalm is seen as being one that speaks of divine judgment, it really is a reminder to us that our worship is worthless if it is separated by moral action on our parts. It helps us to remember that Advent is not just the season of anticipation, it is a season of ACTION as well!

How might we reflect that in our lives? Here are some ideas:

(These suggestions are geared to opportunities in a specific church; you might want to adapt your local 'customs' to such a reading.)


Because you love us, Generous God, you give to us. We take your simple action and develop complex 'rules' and reasons for giving or not. Help us to set aside our complexity, and to give: lovingly and simply. Amen.

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