Wednesday 3

Psalm 53

The more things change, the more they stay the same - isn't that the proverb? Even, no especially, in a time of rapid change, emails, Internet access, instant news, people still question whether there is a God. After all, they look around and wonder where is the evidence . . . Poverty is on the rise, more and more people die from violence, more and more people go hungry. Is there truly no one, no, not one person who does good?

We would hope, as we should pray, that God would look down and find us doing good, especially in this season of goodness. That is what we are called to do; that is what Jesus challenges us to do. After all

how will the world know that the mourners will be comforted, if we don't do it;

how will we show that peacemakers will be known as children of God, if we call them by different name;

how will folks know that the pure in heart will indeed see God, if they cannot see God in us;

how will those who hunger and thirst for righteousness be fed, unless we are willing to share God's good news with them;

how will the meek inherit the earth, if we continue to contribute to its destruction;

how will people know that there is a God, that indeed there is not just one person, but countless throngs of folks willing to do good, if we are not willing to love, to care, to heal, to forgive?


"Be near us, Lord Jesus" we sing in this season, Looking God. Help us to pray that you would not only be in us but would be revealed to others through us. Amen.

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