Their Favourite time of day
is not when they talk
or walk with the people.
it's when they ride among
purple, orange, yellow, and
silver-lined clouds.
They glide across the sky
like butterflies with their wings
spread out.
Their wings are stretched
so much. . .
Now is when they fly
Without a worry. . .
They know God is
somewhere nearby.
The sky as big as
a never-ending magical moment
that is filled with colour.
Colours so bright it makes
you wonder if it is not
but a masterpiece
that only one could create.
The angels know who's behind
all this.
So they jump, fly and laugh
as they whisper loving comments.
Not to each other but to HIM.
He knows who they are
They are one of the most
beautiful creatures,
but not to Him.
No one could compare beauty
with His most valuable treasure.
His most valuable treasure
is us.
He does not love more than
to watch us
be cared for and protected by
His beautiful, gigantic creations.
But it's for the sunset
He created
a time of play for the angels.
He knows sunsets can't last forever.
The angels too understand
so they continue out their duties.
And yes they also
understand and know
tomorrow will bring
another beautiful
colour-filled sunset
which they can ride once more.

Told to: Lana Allen (
Written by: The Grace of God