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Self Evaluation Worksheet.

Allow yourself at least - 1hr to do this exercise. Make sure you will not be interrupted, and that this time will be quiet. If necessary go somewhere quiet (just take a mirror with you).

  1. Look at yourself in a mirror.

    • What are your first impressions?
    • What do you think about the person you see?
    • What do you change about yourself in front of others?
  2. List 5 strengths and 5 weaknesses

  3. Think back over your life.

    • Pick out specific moments of significant change.

      • Who influenced you the most?
      • What influenced you the most?
      • What makes you feel scared?
      • What makes you feel sad?
      • What makes you feel angry?

    • Think of times/incidences in your life where you experienced hurt.

      • How did you respond?
      • How did those times change your life?

    • Now, look at the highlights of your life.

      • What were the best times of your life?
      • What makes you feel good about yourself, life, the world.

    • Is there any one element in your life that has always remained constant?

    • Can you see a relationship between the "bad" things that have happened in your life and the way you are now?
  4. How can you convert the negative experiences into positive ones?

  5. How can you let go of the past and begin to move forward?

  6. What specific things can you do to improve your self image?

Lesson 1: Who am I? accompanies this worksheet