Spiritual Disciplines Course.

Introduction to the Discipline of Meditation.

Christian meditation is an attempt to fill the mind (and our lives) with God and detach ourselves from the confusion around us. This allows us to focus on God and obtain an inner wholeness and an ordered life. We begin to see things from a different perspective. It is not an escape from the world, but rather, a way of helping us deal with the world. We are simply opening ourselves up to God, to listen to Him, and to realise His potential for our lives.

Problems we may have with meditation.

Five forms of meditation.

  1. Meditation upon Scripture.

  2. Re-collection.
    "Collecting" all that which worries us, handing it over to God, and then receiving his replacements e.g. give up pride, receive humility.. (Palms down, Palms up).

  3. Meditation upon creation (with a focus on the Creator).

  4. Meditation upon the events of our time (everyday events).
    We meditate upon the events of our time so that we can discern God's work in our world and in our lives. We need to seek God's guidance in our whole lives.

  5. Memorisation of Scripture.

It is helpful at the beginning to follow the advice of the "masters", but we must remember that each person is an individual, and everyone's meditation will be a different, personalised thing.


During the week try and find time (about 20-30 mins.) to practice meditation. You may find it helpful to follow these guidelines:

  1. Open your Bible to the chosen Bible reading. Leave it open in front of you.

  2. Enter into God's presence in prayer, asking that His Spirit will bring His word to life for you.

  3. Slow down. Consciously slow down your breathing; breathe deeper, more gently, invite the Holy Spirit into your life. With every deep breath in say, "I breathe in the Holy Spirit", with every deep breath out say, "I breath out the Love of God". Allow the Holy Spirit to penetrate every part of your being. Picture that happening.

  4. Now read the scripture passage slowly. (Do not analyse or study it.) Allow the Holy Spirit to teach you what He wants.

  5. When a word or phrase "lights up" or "rings a bell", put your bible down. Concentrate on God's word to you by repeating it (gently, not mechanically). Do not force any response/emotion; allow the Holy Spirit to work.

  6. As you become aware of the impression (feeling/attitude) God's word has made on you, respond to God in prayer, or in silence if you wish. Be with Christ, bask in His love.

  7. As distractions set in, close your prayer off in whatever way you want (you may wish to say the Lord's Prayer).


Luke 10: 38-42
Acts 10 :1-27
Acts 8: 1-6, 26-40
Psalm 95
Jeremiah 18: 1-12
James 1: 22-27
John 12: 20 -36


Listening to God in the quiet
Listening to God through visions
Listening to God through an inner voice
Extol Him!
Listening to God in our world
Listen and obey
The desert man

Songs of Advent
A Series of Meditations for Advent by Thom M. Shuman
During Advent, read the psalms and discover their power, their poetry, their prayers for your life.
You are invited to read the psalm listed for each day, the brief meditation, and then use the prayer offered or one of your own.

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