Spiritual Exercises

Cultivating our Spititual Garden
Bringing order to the spiritual dimension of our private worlds is spiritual gardening. It is the careful cultivation of spiritual ground. The gardener turns up soil, pulls out unwanted growth, plans the use of the ground, plants seeds, waters and nourishes, and enjoys the harvests that result. All of this is what many have called spiritual discipline.

Remembering God's Presence in My Life Story
Biblical faith affirms that God is present in all things. Methodist tradition stresses the reality of God's prevenient grace that has companioned us since the moment of our conception. The question is: has the awareness of his loving presence throughout my life really taken hold of me? This exercise is a simple help towards discerning God's presence in our life-stories.

The Prayer of Relaxation
Sleep, is a most precious gift given to us by God in order that we may become refreshed both physically and spiritually, but only, properly, when we become receptive to the all-pervading power of God.
So, before or as you go to sleep, practice this exercise in order to find relaxation in God in order that you may gain renewal and vitality from Him as you sleep in His presence.

The Review of our Prayer
After the more formal time of prayer it is sometimes helpful to do a 'review of prayer!' In the review we foster the art of noticing what happens to us when we pray, and of noticing what happens to us in the way we live our lives. Reflection upon experience provides the basis for ongoing discernment.

Lectio Devina (Holy Reading)
This exercise is not intended to introduce you to something new. It is meant to allow you to experience and feed on what you know. Regular reading of the Bible extends the breadth of our familiarity with Scripture. In 'holy reading' we absorb the Word in depth.

The Healer
"How do I become a living memory of God; how do I accept and connect; how do I lift up the individual story into the divine history?" These questions are temptations insofar as they avoid the more basic question: "Who am I as a living memory of God?"

Maker and Earth Creature
What do you see of God as you look inside yourself?
An exercise in creative meditation.

A Meditation on God and Nature
What better place to see the wonder and power of God than in the nature He created. We need only look at the birds soaring through the air and we marvel at a God who created gravity, yet allowed His creation control over it...

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